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Welcome to PTC(UK)

Charity Commission number: 1133560

  • Delivering Therapeutic Approaches to Children and Families in Palestine
  • Supporting Resilience in Traumatised People
  • Giving Specialist Psychological Training & Supervision.


PATRONS:  Gwyn Daniel, Imam Suliman Gani, Professor Jeff Halper, Jocelyn Hurndall, Ghada Karmi, Reem Kelani, Dave Randall, Leon Rosselson.

Delivery partner in Gaza: Nour el-Marifa Association


[A] The Friday of Joy  Initiative.

The Friday of Joy Initiative is run by volunteers and a professional team in Gaza. Street games, painting and drama are brought every Friday afternoon to  refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. Click here to see the short film. (2015/2016).  Click here to see the Photo Gallery of Activities for (FJI)

[B] The Family and Community Therapy Project (FCTP)

The Family and Community Therapy Project (FCTP) aims to empower children and their families to overcome their complex traumas and resist hardship by strengthening their psycho-social resilience. Click here to watch the short film, click here to see the photo gallery.      

Gebriel’s Stroy – from The Family and Community Therapy Project, click here to watch the film (12 mins)  

[C] Focusing Project:

Community Wellness Focusing aims to promote wellness and harness the strengths of the community.  Non-professional people will facilitate groups which can become mutually supportive.  Sensing directly into feelings can be difficult for people who have experienced highly traumatizing events. Click here to watch the short film, click here to see the photo gallery.


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2015 Conference at Kingston University.

Summary Conference Report-Nov.2015


Friday of Joy