PTC(UK) is a charity (no. 1133560) run entirely by volunteers. All donations go towards travel and training expenses. We do not support any political or religious group, but seek to help relieve trauma. PTC(UK) has direct links with Palestine Trauma Centre in Gaza . Click below to watch the film.

In June 2013 INTERPAL generously agreed to support the Family Therapy Project at PTC(Gaza). This support was renewed in June 2014 and in June 2015. Irish Quakers Faith in Action are continuing to fund the Focusing Project. This basic support has continued into 2016 and 2017.

The Friday of Joy Initiative is funded by PTC(UK) and other small groups.

The Friday of Joy Initiative has been supported by the British Shalom Salaam Trust, The Palestine Committee of Norway, Art into Heart, Brent Friends of Palestine, Four Pillars of Hope, Giggin for Gaza in Aberdeen, Sumud Palestine, Gaza Children’s Trauma Centre and Kingston University. In 2014 a concert was held in Coventry Cathedral for PTC. In 2016, there were successful fundraising events in Tottenham, Brent, South London and Stoke-on-Trent, East London and Central London. In 2017 an Iftar was organised to fundraise for PTC during Ramadan in Hatfield.


In May 2016, on behalf of PTC(UK), Guido Veronese from Milan University started a training course in Family Therapy with staff at PTC(Gaza). This continued in October 20161 and in May 2017.  Report of Guido visit-May 2016

PTC(UK) visited PTC(Gaza) in April 2015:



January 2010: Art therapist, Peter Offord, was the first PTC(UK) member to reach Gaza.  (Click here to see report) . The PTC(UK) Family Therapy team, Mohamed Altawil, Andrew Enever and David Harrold, reached Gaza on 28th December 2010 and stayed until 3rd January 2011.

There was another visit by the Family Therapy team, from December 2012  to January 2013. Focusing trainers, led by Jerry Conway, have been to Gaza twice during 2011 and 2013.


Because of the administrative/political split between Gaza and the West Bank, there is no unified national plan for mental health services.  The need for a national training institution for mental health services is acknowledged, but cannot be organised. This means that training opportunities provided through PTC(Gaza) and PTC(UK) are enormously valuable.

On a social and recreational level, a lot is being achieved for thousands of children. However, clinics are failing to cope with all the more serious mental health disorders.  Care providers have become exhausted and ongoing support is rarely available. Support for the deliverers of care is urgently needed.

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