Health Professionals:

This team considers the intervention policy of PTC(UK) with the work of PTC(Gaza). Members also assist in Skype advice sessions with PTC(Gaza).

Andrew Enever, UKCP Registered Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.                (Training Consultant, PTC(UK))

Jerry  Conway, Trainer in Focusing Therapy, Birmingham, UK.

Peter Offord,  Art Therapist

Gesine Miller, family & play therapist-NHS, London, UK.

Sarah Hawes, health visitor and primary mental health worker with an interest in infant mental health. Welwyn Garden City, UK.

Sahida Uddin, Mental Health Social Worker, South London and Maudsley Trust, London, UK.

Simon Kilner, Trainer in Focusing Therapy.

Mary Jennings,  Focusing Therapist.

Lina Fullerton, Focusing Therapist.

Rene Veugeler, Children Focusing.

Guido Veronese, Family Therapy.

Dr. Felicity de Zulueta, Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, Head of Traumatic Stress Service at Maudsley Hospital, London, UK.

Belinda Milani, Psychotherapist

Antonia Jenkins, Conflict Resolution Consultant

Dr Ahmed Abou El Azayem, Psychiatrist & Director Dar Abou El-Azayem Hospitals, past president of the World Federation for Mental Health, president of the Egyptian Association for Mental Health- Egypt.

Prof. Abdalla Asker, Professor of Clinical Psychology,  Zagazeeg University-Egypt.