Mission Statement of PTC

Palestine Trauma Centre (PTC) is a charitable institution, non-governmental, non-profitable and none political. 

PTC was set up in Gaza by volunteers in 2007 to provide a rapid-reaction force of medical and welfare workers who go out from their base in Gaza City to support families, children and other vulnerable individuals traumatized by ongoing conflict and occupation. These mental health workers need psychological support, skill enhancement and international links with other professionals.

Palestine Trauma Centre (PTC-UK)

In 2010, a British-based group, with contacts in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Egypt, was set up in the UK in order to support PTC(Gaza).  A Focusing team, supported by Galway Quakers, has introduced this technique to PTC(Gaza). A Family Therapy Project, supported by INTERPAL has started. Art, Drama and Filial Therapy projects are being developed.

PTC(Gaza)  aims:

1. To help to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian victims of the occupation in a humane and professional manner.

2. To support and strengthen the community to face the pressures and traumas resulting from the occupation and the increasing poverty that contributes to social breakdown.

3. To raise awareness  internationally  about the tragic effects of the continuing vulnerability of the Palestinian people to traumas produced by war, occupation and blockade.

4. To develop a professional team in psychological and social fields, in addition to psychiatric work.

5. To ensure, through the provision of appropriate care, that children in Palestine are able to enjoy their childhood.

6. To get the most able graduates in the fields of psychology, sociology and psychiatry and train them to work for the Centre and similar organisations.

PTC(UK) aims:

  • To deliver training for PTC(Gaza) in therapeutic approaches to children and families
  • To provide funds for particular projects at PTC(Gaza)
  • To prepare, supervise and evaluate training programmes

PTC Projects in Gaza:

PTC has created three main projects to rebuild lives from inside


The Family Therapy Project aims to empower families and the community through CBT, ART, PLAY, DRAMA and MEDIA to cope with trauma. Family Therapy fosters networks of interdependence, assisting families, schools and medical services. Research found that family therapy support is very important and can prevent or alleviate the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This Family Therapy Project is run by a team of professionals (one psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers).


The Focusing project works with individual and community wellbeing techniques. Focusing is the foundation for developing personal resilience. It is a very gentle approach and it can be easily learnt by different categories of people because it is not necessary to have an academic or professional background to learn focusing activities. Focusing is a style of life.


In response to the invasions of Gaza, since 2008 PTCUK/Gaza has set up ERRU to provide Psychological First Aid during the invasion such as visiting hospitals, homes and displaced children and their families in schools. It also provides consultations via a mobile phone hotline.

During the recent attack on Gaza, this team worked in cooperation with UN schools and hospitals. So far this team has helped more than 14,000 children and adults.


You can support our activities by raising awareness where you live, doing voluntary work for PTC, fundraising for PTC, or attending our meetings and workshops in the UK.