News Letter


In response to the invasion and bombardment of Gaza, Palestine Trauma Centre UK/Gaza  set up an Emergency and Rapid Response (RRR) team to provide psychological first aid. It  visited hospitals, homes and displaced children and their families in schools to provide psycho-social support to those affected by the shocking violence. The rapid response team are all trained volunteers and since 2008 they have responded to all the bombardments Gaza has faced. They have also set up a hotline for people to call and will follow up with families who need further support. UNRWA has reported that at least two hundred thousand people need urgent psychological support (UNRWA, 2nd August, 2014).

PTC-Gaza has worked inside some UNRWA schools in Gaza where it has provided psychosocial support and organise therapeutic play. Most people at PTC (Gaza) are working voluntarily at great risk to their lives.

Since 8th July 2014 to 5th August 2014:

7435 children and adults have received trauma counselling (psychological support) and psycho-education about coping with severe and complex traumas. 6,407 children have benefited from these services and 1028 parents have benefited from counselling and advice. ERR’s team work in three areas: Middle zone of Gaza, Gaza City and Northern Gaza Strip. ERR work at 27 sites: schools, hospitals, churches and mosques.

ERR team at PTC (Gaza) consists of four key psychologists, one psychiatrist and 25 trained volunteers who provide psychological support to traumatised children and their families.

The psychological scars left by conflict and loss often leave people severely depressed and anxious. This affects their future health and quality of life. Sadly, many children suffer PTSD in Gaza. The work of the Palestine Trauma Centre is invaluable and is a real show of community support, selflessness and resilience.

Click on video link to watch activities provided by ERR’s team in PTC-Gaza:


If you want to support the Rapid Response team at Palestine Trauma Centre (Gaza), please donate whatever you can afford.