David Harrold [Chair of Board of Trustees]

Paul Charlwood [Member of Board of Trustees]

Jill Weston [Member of Board of Trustees]   Deputy Chair

Tareq Ismail [Member of Board of Trustees]

Gesine Miller [Member of Board of Trustees]  Training Supervisor

Colin Egan [Member of Board of Trustees]   Treasurer and Data Protection Officer

Belinda Milani [Member of Board of trustees]   Training Supervisor

Honorary Secretary for PTC(UK):         Denis Hawes

         Projects Supervisor for PTC(UK):         Mohamed Altawil

       Focusing Co-ordinator for PTC(UK):         Jerry Conway

TRUSTEES profiles

PTC(UK) has the following Safeguarding policy: Palestine Trauma Centre Safeguarding.

PTC(UK) requires trustees to follow guidelines from the Charity Commission as outlined here: Essentialtrustee 

Please view our data protection policy here: DataProtectionPolicy_PTC 

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