PTC(UK) raises awareness of the psychological issues inside Gaza through presentations to groups. We explain PTC’s work and can also offer a life story called Journey through Thorns detailing Mohamed Altawil’s experiences growing-up in Gaza.

Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, hosting our performance of Journey through Thorns in Galway, January 2011

PTC(UK) also has an exhibition of children’s art work from  Gaza. It was compiled in July 2011.

Here are two of the paintings:

We would also like to draw your attention to another exhibition collected by Chester and Palestine Exchanges (CAPE) that has been touring the UK since 2009. It was collected just after the trauma of Operation Cast Lead. As you can see from their pictures, the tone is quite different to our collection from two years later.

Drawings by unknown Gaza children, now part of an exhibition collected by CAPE (

The pictures help UK viewers to gain emotional identification with the suffering of the children in Gaza. Insofar as the children in Gaza can be made aware of the impact in the UK, it helps to re-establish some self-esteem in the child artists.