Journey through Thorns

Journey through Thorns is a dramatic presentation, suitable for community groups, universities and sixth forms in schools. Described by his friends as ‘A Personal Story of Courage, Vision and Hope’, it is the story of the early life of Mohamed Altawil, who was born in a refugee camp in Gaza. It also tells of the dramatic rescue of his family, when the wall was smashed down by the Gazan people in 2008. In conclusion, it looks at the consequences of Operation Cast Lead on families in the area. It lasts 45 minutes and is followed by a Q & A.

There is a special school’s version of Mohamed’s story, suitable for 10 – 16 yr olds. It lasts 20minutes and is suitable for classroom work or assemblies.

Mohamed came from Palestine to the UK on a Ford Foundation Scholarship in 2004 to do a PhD on the effects of chronic traumatic experience on the children of Gaza.

Journey through Thorns is written and presented by Mohamed, and his friends David Harrold and Sylvia Pepper.

For further information about arranging future performances of Journey through Thorns, contact:

Sylvia Pepper, Telephone: 01707 266688. Email: