During an emergency period, for example the 2014 invasion of Gaza, a PFA unit is set up to visit homes, hospitals and damaged neighbourhoods. This unification of the projects is operating again to cope with the threat of COVID-19 in 2020.

The hotline has helped families cope with children kept at home because of school closures and also helped isolated COVID cases who suffer from chronic anxiety and loneliness in quarantine at the border.

Research  and the sharing of good practice.

Below is an account of some ground-breaking work on Focusing, the fruits of a collaboration between practitioners in Gaza and trainers at PTC(UK) and elsewhere.

FOCUSING PROJECT: A manual describing the methods developed in Gaza has been written in English and Arabic. PTC Focusing Manual complete copy . At the International Focusing Conference at Cambridge (UK) in July 2016, the leader of the Gaza Focusing team, Ghada Radwan, ran a session for delegates via Skype.  Dr Mohamed Altawil gave a presentation and Jerry Conway was one of the organisers of the conference.

Ghada Radwan leading a Focusing session.

SKYPE CONTACT WITH GAZA: In order to monitor the Focusing training and listen to the mental health workers’ reports, there are regular sessions on Skype. Below, Jerry Conway, Mary Jennings and Mohamed Altawil hold a session with the team in Gaza.

In February 2013, Rene Veuglers, a Children Focusing specialist from the Netherlands, joined the UK team in Gaza to work on community wellness.

These methods have been used in the community by the Gaza team during the Family Therapy project.

PTC (UK) in GAZA in 2011 and 2012: The Focusing team introduced the first stage of Using Focusing for Yourself  in 2011 as a process for training the mental health workers to pass on skills to adults and children who will then work in their families to sustain resilience and cope with trauma.

The training involved 21 people from different organisations in Gaza, like Mercycorps, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Catholic Relief Services and the Ministry of Education. The four PTC(UK) trainers were Jerry Conway, Mohamed Altawil, Mary Jennings and Lina Geha. Click here for a brief introduction to the training.

The social and family workers at the centre used teddies made by a volunteer group in the UK. This activity helped the children into a Focusing process. For some details, click here.