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This began as a joint project with University of Hertfordshire, School of Psychology (UK) and the Palestine Trauma Centre. It has been funded by Muslim Aid(UK) and Interpal and aims to provide treatment for around 500 families who have been the most severely affected by invasion and bombardment – those whose homes were destroyed, or whose family members were killed or injured. The project started on 1st August 2010 and continues today with training at PTC(Gaza) in techniques developed by the Family Therapy Institute in London. Further training, in 2016, is coming from Dr Guido Veronese from Milan University. This project is community based and offers a practical reaction to a humanitarian crisis. It is also an academic exercise building on previous research and its success will provide unique case studies and examples of good practice in psychosocial treatment which can then be extended to the West Bank and other Palestinian refugee camps in the region (i.e., Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon) or other war/disaster victims around the world. more details.

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