Gaza Focusing Project

Material for this began to be prepared in January 2010. A manual in English and Arabic was completed in 2015. Focusing provides learning techniques for families and children to begin to cope with their ongoing trauma and the milder symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This project is being run by Mohamed AltawilJerry Conway, Simon Kilner, Mary Jennings and Lina Geha (All in picture.). It is headed by Ghada Radwan in Gaza. The project is being funded largely by the Quakers in Britain and Ireland. It is also supported by the Focusing Institue (USA). Guidelines for the project can be found here (English) (Arabic). The outline for the Gaza project 2011-2012 can be found here. Notes on the preparation meeting in August 2011 can be found here.   Latest AppealHope.for.Gaza.Online Brochure
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The Journey of Gaza Focusing (Short Film- 3 mins)


Community Wellness Focusing aims to promote wellness and harness the strengths of the community.  Non-professional people will facilitate groups which can become mutually supportive.  Sensing directly into feelings can be difficult for people who have experienced highly traumatizing events. Click here to watch the short film.

Gaza Focusing Film – Feb 2019 


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