Friday of Joy

Friday of Joy Initiative

The Friday of Joy team go into refugee camps to bring children and families onto the streets for games, street theatre, clowning and dance. It is a community- building method of countering trauma and has proved to be very popular. Performance artists trained in mime work with therapists at PTC(Gaza) to devise structured and entertaining activities.

Annual Report 2015

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Film (1) 2017

Friday of Joy Initiative has been covered by Al-Jazeerah Mubasher in Deer Al-Balah Refugees Camp

Film (2) – 2015


Film (3) Friday of Joy (Sep.2016)

Friday of Joy Initiative for Eid Al-Adah (Sep.2016) at Der Al-Balah Refugee Camps in Gaza.

Film (4)  (16/9/2016) close to Rafah Crossing Boarder