Psycho-Social Support

The psycho-social support project for the victims of the last war on Gaza strip is a charitable non-profit-making project that seeks to help Palestinian families who were damaged during the last war on Gaza strip in 2014. The project’s goal is to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian families and to help them overcome the psychological difficulties they have been through and learn how to meet these challenges. This project started in April 2015 for one year, and it was renewed in November 2016, funded by the Muslim Aid charity in Britain.

How the project reinforces the psycho-social resilience of Palestinian families:

The project provides psychological services that strengthen familial resilience in the face of hardship and stress that the Palestinian families live through every day. It does this by providing psychological, social, and other relief services to help them learn new skills for psychological coping, and to strengthen their familial relationships. Entertainment and educational activities are organized for the children. Educational and psychological support meetings for parents and school teachers are delivered to train them on the skills needed to cope with the ongoing suffering and insecurity resulted from the last war on Gaza, as well as, the siege and previous wars.

Project team and psycho-social intervention techniques:

The psycho-social support project’s team consists of psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, and activators. The psycho-social intervention includes field visits to families, performing psychological pre-assessment, delivering psychological, educational, and entertaining sessions, then performing a post-assessment for the families. Follow-up depends on the need of the family or any of its members.

The familial intervention’s team uses psychological activities and techniques that could help the families cope with the continuous life pressures in the Gaza Strip (psychological support techniques targeting all traumatized family members, Focusing supportive techniques, psychosocial educational techniques for parents and teachers, Play therapy, entertaining games for children).

This project is supervised by PTC-UK through field visit and Skype connections.

Targeted group:

The families, children, parents, and some school teachers who were traumatized by being exposed to the horrifying situations during the last war on Gaza strip. The work will be conducted in all areas of Gaza strip. The team will coordinate with the families for field and home visits.

Project’s duration:

The project’s current duration is one year. We hope that the donors and supporters of the project will continue funding it to ensure the continuity of the psycho-social services that we provide to our people in the Gaza strip.


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