Psychological First Aid 2014 and 2020

In response to invasions of Gaza, since 2008 PTCUK/Gaza has set up ERRU to provide Psychological First Aid during the invasion such as visiting hospitals, homes and displaced children and their families in schools. It also provides consultations via a mobile phone hotline.

Film : Psychological First Aid-2014

Emergency Rapid Response during the war on Gaza (July and August 2014) [10 mins].


2020 and the threat of COVID19

In 2020, PTC(UK) combined the projects (Family Therapy, Focusing and Friday of Joy) to co-ordinate all the activities in the light of the threat of COVID 19. This holistic approach links a person and their family with the wider community and ensures a quick response to emergency situations. These activities are delivered by the PTC(UK) team with our delivery partner in Gaza: Nour el-Marifa Association.